When picturing typical limousine passengers in your mind, one tends to think of tuxedos; a romantic evening on the town and a high school prom to remember.

However, Moms and Dads, you can earn the title of “Cool Parent” by renting a limousine or party bus from American Eagle Limousine for your child’s birthday party!

And why not?

Not only will you, other parents and the entire birthday party ride in comfort and style, but renting a limousine or party bus helps keep the entire party together. We’ll pick you up at your door and take you wherever your party is headed – be it laser tag; the movies; a pizza restaurant or sporting event…you name it!

In addition, you won’t need to find other parents willing to be an amateur taxi service and draft them into hauling 3-5 kids crammed into a car. For a party of 20 people, that’s four or five cars that will need to commute from one place to another; buy gasoline; fight traffic and construction issues and, hopefully, not get lost! Renting a limousine or party bus removes transportation stress and issues so your child’s birthday party will be a success!

You can rent a limousine or party bus from American Eagle Limousine for a few hours or, better yet, keep it for the entire day. Imagine starting out at your home and traveling to a popular spot for lunch; off to the zoo or to a baseball game followed by other surprise events – all guaranteed to make you the “Cool Parent!”

Don’t delay. The quicker you call the professionals at American Eagle Limousine (703-550-7200), and book your limousine or party bus, the more time you’ll have on hand to finish other birthday plans and help make your child’s next birthday party a huge success.